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Apaz Medikal

APAZ, founded in 2011, is a company that set out to implement medical information technologies in Turkey. The main business line is PACS (  Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) and IT (  Information Technology) operates in the field.


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Well-equipped and expert staff who follow today's technologies.


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Effective, efficient management and efficient production with adequate and modern infrastructure.


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Timely and 24/7 based technical support services.


SECTRA, which offers the highest level of safety and quality in the health sector, operates in more than 2000 institutions worldwide and has received the "Best in Klas" award for 10 consecutive years in customer satisfaction, leads the health service sector in its field.

Sectra, a Sweden-based software company, was founded in 1978 and is a leading healthcare software provider in the fields of radiology, pathology and other medical imaging. 

Medical imaging software enables patients' data to be stored and shared securely, making it easier for healthcare professionals to diagnose and manage the treatment process.


With more than 30 years of experience in more than 2000 organisations, Sectra offers an integrated PACS platform for medical imaging solutions that provides a high level of security, fast data access and easy usability.

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Myrian applications offer a variety of solutions such as assistance in the operation plan, rapid evaluation of treatment efficacy, monitoring of patient care and prognosis, examinations of study patients requiring special measurement.

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Developed since 1992, TomTec's software is used for the evaluation of cardiac function, analysis of cardiac images, radiological image processing, clinical research and education.

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Brain and Prostate AI applications automatically process images, helping medical professionals diagnose diseases and create treatment plans.

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Chest X-ray and Brain CT artificial intelligence applications can be used to detect brain haemorrhage, lung cancer, head trauma and many other diseases by analysing images in a short time.

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LEICA BIOSYSTEMS is a global leader in digital pathology, offering exceptional image quality, speed and reliability in imaging with digital slide scanning technologies.

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Philips Dictation Solutions provides hardware and software that helps physicians and healthcare professionals prepare medical reports through speech and dictation.

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DEKOM MEDICAL develops and implements innovative and sustainable software solutions for the system integration of medical technology, thus contributing to the improvement of information exchange and simplification of business processes in clinics and practices.

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Apaz Medikal provides services in more than 100 institutions at home and abroad.

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