qXR (Artificial Intelligence for Chest X-ray)

Trained on more than 4.2 million X-rays, qXR helps detect extensive findings in the lungs, pleura, mediastinum, bones, diaphragm and heart in less than 1 minute on a chest X-ray.

It minimises the time spent on reporting by categorising normal X-rays separately and highlights radiological signs of conditions such as tuberculosis, lung cancer, heart failure, etc.

qXR has been widely adopted by leading hospitals worldwide and serves as a valuable tool for pre-report reading assistance or as a secondary reader in post-reading assessments.

With seamless integration into the radiology workflow, qXR enables visual and free text output to be transferred back to PACS, allowing the reporting radiologist to review and evaluate results.

Opt for an Artificial Intelligence Powered Workflow

Seamlessly integrated with a variety of PACS providers worldwide, qXR delivers processed results in a time frame of less than one minute per scan.

Pre-Reading Assistance

qXR has the capacity to detect up to 30 different observations on chest X-rays. It helps to identify multiple findings related to the lungs, pleura, heart, bones and diaphragm. The algorithms used create precise contours for abnormalities in the lungs and pleura, facilitating fast and effortless interpretation.

Reduces Radiology Workloads

Using deep learning techniques, qXR is an advanced chest X-ray screening solution. It classifies chest X-rays as normal or abnormal, accurately identifies abnormal observations and effectively highlights them in the X-ray image.

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